9 Anxiety Books for Teens

Anxiety Books for Teens

I am frequently asked by parents for book recommendations for their teenagers struggling with anxiety. There are many great options out there, here are a some of them**:

  • The Anxiety Workbook for Teens. This book is one of my favorite Anxiety Books for Teens. It contains a series of activities for teens to help them learn to cope with and reduce anxiety.


  • My Anxious Mind. This book walks teens through both being able to recognize their anxiety, and how to cope with and reduce that anxiety.

  • Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind. This book also targeted to adults, goes through therapy-based techniques to help stop the cycle of fear/worry/anxiety.

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Dr. Sean Paul, MD is a psychiatrist who is certified in child, adolescent (teen) and adult psychiatry. He creates blogs and lists that can be helpful to people looking for Anxiety Books for Teens. 


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