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Top-Rated Psychiatrist in Sarasota FL

NowPsych – Dr. Sean Paul, MD is a dual board certified child, teen, and adult psychiatrist in Sarasota FL. Dr. Paul can see patients both in his Sarasota office as well as online through your phone or computer. Specializing in all mental health and behavioral health issues, NowPsych is a top-rated private psychiatry clinic in Sarasota offering customized and personalized service to his clients.

Both online and in-person visits include a thorough evaluation, discussion, and treatment plan including prescriptions as needed sent to your pharmacy.

Psychologist Sarasota – Child Psychologist Sarasota

You will find that NowPsych offers many of the psychological services you may need, including psychotherapy and medication management. In the case that you need to see a psychologist in Sarasota rather than a psychiatrist Dr. Paul can refer you to one in the area. Dr. Paul provides the following services in Sarasota:

  • Bipolar 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Psychotherapy
  • Autism Evaluations 
  • Medication Prescriptions
  • Adult ADHD 
  • Child ADHD
  • OCD
  • Sleep Issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Teen and Adolescent Issues
  • Forensic Psychiatry

Sean Paul, MD

Address: 3205 Southgate Circle, Suite 2, Sarasota FL

Phone: 941-405-3020

Sean Paul, MD is a board certified psychiatrist in Sarasota County as well as the entire state of Florida virtually through telemedicine. Trained at the University of Florida, Dr. Paul is dual certified as a child psychiatrist, adolescent psychiatrist, and adult psychiatrist. His psychiatry blog is widely read and trusted by psychology and psychiatry professionals around the world.