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Thoughts on practicing psychiatry in Sarasota Florida
Thoughts on practicing psychiatry in Sarasota Florida Sarasota’s beaches attract people from around the globe to soak up some rays and enjoy the art, music and entertainment scene of the gem of the gulf coast.  As a psychiatrist, I too was attracted to the vibrant energy of the Sarasota Bay.  I encourage all of my clients to engage with this positive energy as a way to continue to stay mentally and physically healthy.  I have put together
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How does screen time affect your brain?
We all know that too much screen time is bad.  It is inevitable that our children will need electronic screens to function.  When kids have too much screen time, what problems can arise.  I will briefly explore four areas that are negatively impacted by excess screen time: social, emotional, biological and creativity. Social  Games are increasingly more social.  One of the major pulls to keep playing is the collaborative nature of many of the most popular online
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Anxiety Medications for Kids
  Anxious children, especially severely anxious children or those who are struggling with therapy or having major difficulties,  often benefit from the addition of a medication.  Early treatment is important because children diagnosed with anxiety are also more likely to develop anxiety as adults.  Medication may be beneficial to children and adolescents who are unable to go to school due to panic attacks, separation anxiety or social anxiety.  Any anxiety medication used in childhood should always be
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Early Signs of Depression
Being a teenager is not easy at times.  You are almost an adult, you can drive, people expect you to act like an adult even though the human brain is not fully developed until the early to mid 20’s.  Some irritability, mood swings and acting out behaviors are par for the course. Other normal changes include identifying more with a type of music, trying out new hairstyles and involvement in politics. Today is a day of a
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Teen Depression Statistics
Dealing with Teen Depression and Teen Depression Statistics
Depression in teens typically presents with symptoms similar to those of adults.  What is considered unique to teenagers is the higher incidence of irritability in place of intense feelings of depression.  Teens with depression may seem grouchy or just plain bothered by everything and everyone.  Depressed teens may seek out verbal confrontation with peers, adults and siblings. Here are some other statistics about teenage depression Comorbidity 60% of depressed teens have another condition such as anxiety, substance
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