autism evaluation online

Autism Evaluation and Diagnosis

Are you concerned about a possible diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder? A consultation with a board certified physician is the best way to get the answers you are looking for.

Our extremely thorough evaluations use the best available methods to diagnose and create a plan for children of all ages. At your convenience, both in terms of time and location, we will evaluate and create a customized plan for your child via telemedicine or in our office in Sarasota. 

What is an autism evaluation?

An autism evaluation is a way for a medical professional to check out and determine if your child has autism. There are specifically studied screening questions, tests, and observations that the doctor will make during the evaluation. They also will gather information from family members, teachers, and other people who spend time with your child to make a proper diagnosis.

How do I know if my child needs an autism evaluation?

If you or a person who spends time with your child feels that something is not quite right, then the best thing to do is get checked out. The earlier autism is diagnosed, the better for your child so that you can do everything possible to help them succeed and be happy in school and every day life.

What if my child has autism?

The doctor will connect you with all of the services and help you need to help your child and family thrive. Autism is a serious diagnosis but with the right therapies and information it is completely manageable.