Get an Emotional Support Pet Registration in Florida

If you are looking for a letter for your emotional support animal, NowPsych can help! We can write support letters for patients throughout Florida via telehealth or in-person in Sarasota.

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How to Get Emotional Support Animal Registered

Anyone with a mental or emotional diagnosis is eligible to get an emotional support animal (ESA) letter in Florida. With this letter, you may be eligible for housing that otherwise prohibits pets, and to bring your support animal into places that may otherwise not allow them. In some cases, the letter can also help with your needs in other places, such as the workplace. Airlines are allowed to determine for themselves whether or not they will accept emotional support pets. Also, some public transit may not allow emotional support and may only allow service animals.

ESA (emotional support animal) vs. Service Animal

A service animal, such as a service dog, is trained to help a person with a disability like seizures or diabetes or visual impairment. An emotional support pet (sometimes called a comfort pet or comfort animal), on the other hand, is an animal that provides the owner with companionship and comfort that supports their mental and emotional health.

What is a Psychiatric Service Animal?

A psychiatric service animal is specifically trained to recognize and provide help when a patient with a psychiatric disorder such as anxiety attacks has an episode or is about to have one. This is different from an ESA in that they are specifically trained to perform a task rather than just provide comfort and support. An owner who trains their pet, or has them trained, to specifically perform a task in response to a symptom or prompt relating to mental health, this qualifies as a psychiatric service animal.

psychiatric service animal letter

Does the animal have to wear a special vest or sign?

No, the ADA does not require the animal to wear any specific items or ID tags, however it can help to have this.

Do you need proof or official certification for a service animal?

No, the ADA does not require that service animals be certified. Covered entities (government agencies, businesses, non-profits) may not require you to show such certification. There are exceptions, such as a zoo where the presence of the animal might disturb their animals. Also, service animals must always be with their handler and so cannot be left unaccompanied in a hotel or other business.

For more answers to service animal questions, see the ADAs website.