OCD Books Recommended by a Psychiatrist

OCD books to check out

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is considered a mental health disorder.  Everyone at some time becomes compulsive about some routine or they have thoughts or images that make us feel extremely uncomfortable to actually feeling distressed.  However, if these feelings become overwhelming or the cycle results in the individual being unable to function, it is probably time to seek treatment.


Thoughts and uncontrolled impulses to perform the same task repeatedly accompanied by an overpowering need to be perfect in the task is generally considered obsessive compulsive behavior.  This is a psychological disorder that can improve with treatment.


There are some books available that discuss OCD and can help with coping with the problem or dealing with an individual who is suffering from this condition.


    • Stop Obsessing! By Edna Foa and Reid Wilson – This publication contains a series of questions to help analyze depth of the obsession or compulsion.  For mild cases, there re techniques to overcome these feelings.  The questionnaires also help determine if the condition is severe and should seek professional help.

    • Brain Lock by Jeffrey M. Schwartz – Dr. Schwartz offers an alternative to Prozac and similar drugs through a four-step method that involves behavior modification and self therapy.  Through recounts of actual patients, the doctor provides the encouragement and methods to help people move away from the disorder without pharmaceutical intervention.


    • Mastery of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Workbook by Edna Foa and Michael Kozak – This is a text that can help people recognize the symptoms and provides exercises to reduce the behavior.  It is available in two formats, one for the patient and one for a therapist.