Choosing The Best Anxiety Therapist Near Me

anxiety therapist near me

Anxiety therapists specialize in treating anxiety disorders, so they are the only ones qualified enough to handle any cases related to that. Even at that, specific anxiety disorders should be handled by those trained to manage them. The best anxiety doctor near me has to fit into those strict parameters,

Anxiety disorders are very different from plain anxiety, social anxiety disorder, or others; and they are more intense and impactful of daily life than regular anxiety.

While anyone can feel anxious for a variety of reasons, anxiety disorders can affect your life to the point of needing treatment, whether it be therapy or prescribed medication.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, but you haven’t been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or other mental illness, this may be the best time to contact an anxiety specialist.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

  • Persistent and continuous worry
  • Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, dry mouth over a long period
  • Frequent feelings of restlessness and irritation
  • Lack of focus and insomnia
  • Panic attacks, especially in social events
  • Chronic fatigue

Note that these symptoms on their own are not enough to diagnose you with anxiety, especially since they can be symptoms of other disorders. But, if you list your symptoms and experience any of these frequently, and for long periods, you need to seek medical advice from an anxiety expert.

Tips on searching for an anxiety therapist near me

Check local listings

A simple google search can often lead to several local and virtual anxiety specialists who can help. You can see their reviews and locations, and see if they have teletherapy available as well so that you can see them from your phone or computer.

You can also always talk to your primary care doctor who addresses your other health problems for recommendations on finding a psychiatrist with the health services you need.

Try searching “Anxiety Doctor Near Me” online

Online directories are a thing now, and they are perhaps the fastest way to get information on healthcare professionals in your area. You only need to type in the keywords ‘anxiety therapist near me’ to find all the listed therapists around you. It saves time and energy, and you can get more information about the doctors’ forte without leaving your home.

Consider your insurance

Without insurance, your out-of-pocket payments may be high. Therapists are expensive, and luckily, many are covered by insurance. Your insurance plan will let you know which therapists’ services are covered, and you can create a list from there.

Assess each therapists’ services

When your list is complete, you can analyze the pros and cons of each therapist left. Narrowing down your list like this cuts down on time, and it prevents you from trying out obvious wrong choices. You can get your doctor to recommend a few for you, and you can test their services to see if you’re a good fit.

Don’t be afraid to cross any doctor you’re not comfortable with off your list; your mental health is your number one priority, and you need to be free to talk to your anxiety doctor.


The search for a competent physician is never easy, especially for something as serious as an generalized anxiety disorder. The very nature of the ailment can make it difficult for the patient to warm up to the doctor, so you need to be careful to find the best possible match for you.

Make an appointment with Dr. Sean Paul today to get your important questions answered, so you can start seeing mental and physical improvements right away.