What Is An Anxiety Doctor?

anxiety doctor

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of several psychological illnesses including depression, bipolar disorders, and panic attacks. It is common to experience mild to moderate anxiety before or during a stressful situation (ex. exams, giving a presentation, confrontation, etc.)

Mild to moderate anxiety that occurs occasionally could be considered normal. When you feel anxious, you may notice it occurring more frequently or becomes more overwhelming, finding an anxiety doctor can help you overcome those emotions.

Learning about anxiety doctors can help you find the right therapist who can recommend the best treatment suitable for you.

Who is an Anxiety Doctor?

A psychologist or a psychiatrist both could be your anxiety specialist. Psychology and psychiatry are overlapping professions. Psychiatry and psychology practitioners are considered mental health professionals who can guide you regarding how to improve your mental health.

These mental health practitioners focus on your mind and how it affects your behavior and emotional and physical well-being. They usually work together to diagnose, prevent, and manage mental illness.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are committed to helping you stay mentally healthy.

However, there are differences between psychology and psychiatry. It is common to find this to be confusing, especially when you are looking for help.

Hence, it’s important to know whether to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist when you are seeking solutions for managing anxiety or other mental health conditions. Let us move on to learn more about who can be your anxiety specialist.

Can a Psychiatrist Be Your Anxiety Doctor?

A psychiatrist focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses including diagnosed anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, and bipolar disorders, amongst others.

A psychiatrist is trained to identify mental health problems based on your symptoms, behaviors, actions, and history. Psychiatrists are also trained to monitor the effect of emotional symptoms on your physical health.

Depending on the severity and frequency of your anxiety, a psychiatrist may recommend medications, psychotherapy, and counseling as needed.

What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a mental health specialist having a doctoral degree in psychology, which involves the study of the human mind and behaviors.

A psychologist is provided education in evaluating mental and emotional disturbances and treating them. They may also receive further training in treatment methods such as behavioral therapy and psychological theory.

Psychologists are qualified to perform psychological testing, therapy, and counseling, and provide treatment for anxiety disorders in adults and children, among other mental disorders.

However, they are not medical doctors. This means, in most states, psychologists cannot write a prescription or perform any medical procedure.


This information will give you a clear idea of who could be your anxiety specialist. You may approach a psychiatrist or a psychologist depending on your specific symptoms, preferences, and conveniences.

If you notice symptoms of anxiety that is affecting your life, you can schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor about how to manage your mental disorder. Prioritizing mental health care is more important than ever these days, as our world gets increasingly more stressful during COVID-19.