How to Deal with Depression

How to Deal with Depression

Dealing with Depression

The symptoms of moderate to severe depression are debilitating and include things like problems sleeping, poor concentration at work, fighting with a significant other or child, and low energy.  What can people do on their own to help deal with the symptoms of depression? First of all, it’s important to underline that severe and moderate depression is best treated by professionals such as a psychiatrist or psychologist.  However, there are many things that people with mild depression or moderate/severe depression (while in treatment) can do to deal with depression. *Note, if you purchase some of the resources below we receive a small fee which we will put back into creating more great content for readers!

Some ideas for dealing with depression:

  • Take a brisk walk, bike ride or jog for at least 30 min daily, if you can physically do so. 
  • Work on being present, pick up a book on Mindfulness.
  • Eat a healthy diet based mainly on fresh foods and avoid high fat foods, high sugar foods, salty foods, processed foods. 
  • Get a Fitbit or similar fitness tracker and use their app to motivate yourself to move more.
  • Pick up a new hobby.
  • Plan social time regularly with friends and family.  Make a Facebook, SMS, or other group chat and plan outings together!
  • Plan a date night with your significant other.  Make it sacred. Protect it.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Prioritize your sleep.  
  • Consider taking a multivitamin and Omega-3 Fatty acids (fish oils) if your doctor recommends it
  • Challenge your thoughts.  There are many ways to learn CBT including through books and websites.   
  • Try meditation


Dr. Sean Paul, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for people to help them deal with depression. You can schedule a session with him by clicking here