Fidget Toys for Kids

As a child psychiatrist, I find fidget toys to be both relaxing as well as therapeutic for children, besides just being a fun.

Here are some of my favorite fidget toys for kids:

  1. Mozi: This fun metal ring toy can be used to spin from arm to arm and over the hands. As fun to watch as it is to play with.
  2. Monkey Noodles: These are squishy and stretchy and fun!












3. Tangles: These are fun manipulatives where kids and turn and twist and untwist quietly.

4. Acupressure Rings: These metallic rings can be rolled over the fingers and hands.

5. Shape Shifting Cubes: Fun and tactile without being noisy

6. Desktop spinner: Mesmerizing to watch and fun to spin and play with.

7. Fidget Sphere: With so many knobs, buttons and cranks, this can keep a kid busy and focused for quite a while