Does Your Child Have ADHD?

ADHD prescriptions

“Does my child have ADHD?”

This is a question that we are asked all the time. Fortunately, there is a way to answer this question. The way to determine a diagnosis of ADHD is to see a child psychiatrist who can evaluate your child and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for ADHD.

Why is it important to have a full evaluation for ADHD?

The reason it is important to have a full child psychiatry evaluation is because many things can cause ADHD symptoms and only a professional can tease out what might be ADHD versus other health, behavioral, and mental health problems. Before you treat ADHD with medications, you want to make sure it is the correct diagnosis by someone who is an expert in child psychiatry.

What are signs of ADHD?

  1. Difficulty paying attention at work, school, a hobby, or fun activity
  2. Easily distracted
  3. Trouble listening when someone is speaking to them
  4. Disorganized, poor time management
  5. Not paying close attention to details
  6. Forgetfulness
  7. Misplacing or losing things
  8. Hard time waiting their turn
  9. Fidgeting, tapping, squirming
  10. Interrupting

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If your child has many of these and you want to know definitively “Does my child have ADHD?”, a diagnosis of ADHD should be ruled out by a board certified child psychiatrist.