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Autism Testing
Autism Evaluation/Testing Information We are often asked what does Autism testing (also called Autism Evaluation or Autism Diagnosis) entail. Here, we will provide some information about what is involved in a proper evaluation and determining an autism diagnosis. Early Identification or Clinical Suspicion Early intervention is extremely helpful. Often, a family member, friend, teacher, doctor, nurse, or other person will notice that something is “different” or not developing as expected for the child. This can be picked
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Does my Child or Family Member Have a Video Game or Internet Addiction?
Teen/Adolescent Telepsychiatry consultations
Having a loved one with an internet video game problem is difficult. Recognizing the difference between an internet or video game problem and a video game or internet addiction can be difficult. The main difference between problem gaming and addiction is the level of involvement and the disruption or interference in their daily life. Specifically, is it affecting their ability to work, sleep, eat, bathe, or exercise? Is their performance in school, home life, or work decreasing?
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