What is Forensic Psychology?

As a psychiatrist who is often called to serve as an expert witness in court, people often ask me "What is forensic psychology?"   From novels, television shows, and movies we have been introduced to the profession of the forensic psychologist or forensic psychiatrist.  These are the folks who work...
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Mental Health

Couples Therapy: Is It Beneficial?

All couples experience conflict and issues now and then. For some, it may be financial issues, while for others, it’s about sex or communication. Whatever it may be, it can cause patterns of constant arguing to the point it causes a lot of stress and tension on both sides and...
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Online Marriage Counseling: The Benefits, Prices, and Types to Learn

Are you thinking of online marriage counseling with your partner? This may be beneficial for both you and your partner in many ways! This article will tackle what marriage counseling is, the different kinds of therapy, as well as how it can help couples and any issues they face.  ...
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20 Affirmations for Depression

Perhaps the worst part of depression is the deep pit of self-hate and/or gloomy thoughts that you have to live through. These can hit so hard that finding your way out seems impossible at that time. Seeing yourself as a worthy human can be hard, and it can damage you...
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Child Psychiatry

Child Parent Psychotherapy

Are you keen to learn about child parent psychotherapy for your little one? Read on to see what this kind of therapy entails and what you can expect from it, for both you and your child.   What is Child-Parent Psychotherapy? Child parent psychotherapy is a relationship-based and dyadic treatment...
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