Is Marijuana Addictive? Abuse vs. Dependence

Marijuana has many positive (and negative) effects, leaving many wondering, is marijuana addictive? The short answer is: The majority of marijuana users do not develop marijuana addictions. However, it does happen and some smokers develop the symptoms of an actual addiction. Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana has been on the rise...
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Eating Disorders

What Is Compulsive Eating? Signs & Treatment

Compulsive eating is a common type of eating disorder. It can cause serious health issues linked to dietary habits, such as diabetes and high cholesterol. If you want to know more about compulsive eating, read further to find what it means, its symptoms, and treatment. What is Compulsive Eating? Compulsive...
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Mental Health

Mental Breakdown: What You Need to Know

A mental breakdown is also known as a nervous breakdown, which is a term that would describe symptoms of intense emotional and mental distress. Such feelings may make it tough or impossible to perform daily tasks and/or function normally. However, some misconceptions fall around this term. While a mental breakdown...
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Adolescent Psychiatry Adult Psychiatry Child Psychiatry

Borderline Personality Disorder Splitting: Symptoms & Care

“Splitting” is a psychiatric term when an individual is unable to see alternatives.  Sometimes it is described as seeing everything as black or white.  It is considered a defense mechanism in those persons who suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD). Splitting allows the person to reject anything they consider “bad”....
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How to Overcome Relocation Depression

Relocation depression is a real thing. A 2016 study on young people under the age of 30, in the Netherlands and Germany show that those who had recently relocated experience a dip in feelings of well-being. This isn’t full blown clinical depression. But  data shows people generally feel down after...
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