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Anxiety Attacks Triggers: What Causes an Attack?
what causes anxiety attacks
If you want to know anxiety attack triggers, then it is important to first understand anxiety. Anxiety involves feelings of worry, apprehension, and concern about present, future, or past events. Anxiety also manifests as a feeling of fear, terror, or hyper-vigilance (feeling anxiously alert to your surroundings) without a clear focus of what the fear is about. Anxiety attacks, or panic attacks, are among the most frequently diagnosed psychological condition of adults and children in the US,
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[VIDEO] How to Tell if your Child has ADHD?
ADHD video
10 ways to tell if your child has ADHD 10 Ways to Know if your Child has ADHD Video Transcript 00:05 hey this is dr. Paul again child and adolescent psychiatrist I’m here today to talk 00:09 about mental health issues and children 00:10 today I’m going to talk to you about 00:12 ADHD I got a email from a parent asking 00:15 does my child have ADHD he’s super 00:19 common probably affecting somewhere 00:20 between
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How to Choose a Child Psychiatrist
how to choose a child psychiatrist
Choosing the Best Psychiatrist For Your Child  Knowing how to choose a child psychiatrist  that is right for your family is a difficult process. As your child is growing up and in their early formative years, it is important to try to be aware of any childhood issues or challenges that they may be facing. This could be difficulties learning in school, communicating and socializing with other children, attention issues, mood issues, or any family disruptions that
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10 Games for Kids with Anxiety
Playing games is a great way to get your child talking and laughing with you, and also teaches important skills like dealing with chance and the unknown as well as failure. Here are 10 great games that I recommend parents play with their children who have anxiety: Jenga. This game is a great anxiety game because you can talk about how it feels to choose a block, and how it feels to worry about it being the
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Social Skills Training for Autism
social skills training autism
Prioritizing training in social skills for people with autism can be challenging and overwhelming. Children with autism resonate at a different frequency. This is the reason that, at times, they need to be taught how to react and act in certain social situations. They may feel the desire to interact with others, but they might not know how to do that. This is when social skills training for autism can help them break the ice and increase
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