Child Development

25 Best Toys for Baby Development (According to a Child Psychiatrist) – Updated for 2023

Can Toys Help with Baby Development? As a child psychiatrist, part of my education and training is in infant and child development. When it comes to baby development, there are many factors that can help a baby develop optimally. Some of these things include their environment and the things they...
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Anxiety Child Psychiatry

16 Books for Kids with Anxiety (Updated for 2023)

Anxiety Books for Kids I am frequently asked by parents for book recommendations for their children struggling with anxiety. Picking a kids anxiety book can be a helpful tool in managing anxiety and promoting mental health. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one: Age-appropriate: Make sure...
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Intrusive Thoughts Vs Impulsive Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts Vs Impulsive Thoughts TikTok videos tagged with #intrusivethoughts have garnered over 796 million views as of this writing, including both people conflating impulsive thoughts such as wanting to dye their hair with real intrusive ones that involve things as scary as violence or racism. While such confusions may...
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What NOT to Do With an Autistic Child

What NOT to Do With an Autistic Child Autism is a complex disorder, and can create significant difficulties for children living with it. Parents of autistic children should remember they deserve all of the same love and consideration as other kids; autistic kids shouldn't be treated differently from any other...
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Mental Health

Songs About Narcissists

Songs About Narcissists You Can Listen To Have you ever come into contact with a narcissist before? You probably understand just how toxic and destructive they can be; while their charm might seem appealing at first, their overblown egos often lead to disastrous relationships and friendships. Recognizing these people early...
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