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Affirmations for Anxiety: Examples & Use Cases
affirmations for anxiety
An affirmation is a positive statement used to reshape and encourage a positive outlook and confidence in achieving goals. These affirmations for anxiety help counteract anxiety and other feelings of inadequacy. This is something that is easy to imagine but often difficult to perform. In fact even if you are faithful with reciting affirmations, they may not be the answer or the only answer. It may be a matter of retraining your brain to think upbeat thoughts and to act
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How Amino Acid for Anxiety Can Help You
amino acid for anxiety
The way amino acid for anxiety works, is that it can manipulate the chemistry of the brain to help you get relief from anxiety or depression. The real cause of anxiety, depression and other related illnesses is not known. If you put two different people in a stressful situation, one may develop anxiety but the other may not. You may get anxiety through a combination of variables, including genetic predisposition, chemical and hormone imbalances in the body,
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How to Find a Holistic Psychiatrist Near Me
holistic psychiatrist near me
If you are looking for ways to manage mental illness holistically before talking about drug therapy, you will likely start to be on the lookout for “holistic psychiatrists near me”.  Prescription drugs are efficient, and can help you see effects immediately, but they are not one size fits all. Each person may react differently to drug therapies and so it’s important to find a psychiatrist you’re comfortable with. If you are looking for non-medicinal treatments, you may
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Is Alcohol a Depressant? The Facts You Should Know
is alcohol a depressant
Is alcohol a depressant, really? A lot of people would turn to alcohol when feeling down or nervous, as it has them feel better at that moment. However, you have probably heard that it isn’t only an addicting substance, but also a depressant.  What Is a Depressant? Contrary to the name, depressants don’t mean that they make a person emotionally depressed. Rather, depressants are a type of drug which inhibits or depresses our central nervous system (CNS).
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At-Home Heal Your Anxiety Checklist
anxiety checklist
You may be overwhelmed right now, and not know where to start with managing your anxiety – you may consider an at-home anxiety checklist. With all that has happened this year, even if you didn’t have anxiety before, you may have developed it now. There are several ways you can combat anxiety, without spending a ton on medication or other therapies.  We will go through a quick anxiety checklist of things you can do for yourself to
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