Children’s Psychiatrist Near Me

childrens psychiatrist near me

Finding a Children’s Psychiatrist Near Me


“How to find a Children’s Psychiatrist Near Me” is a common question we often receive from our readers. We understand the fact that it’s much more difficult to find a children’s psychiatrist than a general psychiatrist.


We understand how painful it is when your child is going through ADHD, depression or a mental health disorder. The good news is that you can always find a child psychiatrist near you to help you with treatment and also find someone who prescribes medication they might need. Here is a detailed guide you may need if you’re concerned about how to find a children’s psychiatrist near me for diagnosing and treating your child.


What is a Children’s Psychiatrist?


A Child Psychiatrist (also known as a Teen Psychiatrist or Adolescent Psychiatrist) is a medically trained and board certified specialist that can assess, manage, and make a diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems in children and adolescents. These psychiatrists will have done a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. 


Now, there is a misconception that the children’s psychiatrists only treat small children. But, child psychiatrists can see all children, teens and adults for mental health disorders.


Like any other psychiatrist, a children’s psychiatrist can integrate biological, social, and psychological factors when treating their patients.


A general psychiatrist must do 2 years of additional training to become a child psychiatrist. And they can only provide their services if they’ve successfully completed the national examinations.


Why Your Child Might See a Psychiatrist?


There are certain reasons why you might have to take your child to a psychiatrist. Most of the time, depression and anxiety is the main cause of why people bring their kids to a children’s psychiatrist.


But sometimes, the self-harming behavior of their child is so painful that they’re bound to take their child to a psychiatrist.


And what if we tell you that an eating disorder may also be the reason why you might have to take your child to a psychiatrist?


In simple words, your child might have to visit a psychiatrist if they’re suffering from emotional or mental illness.


What do Children’s Psychiatrists do?


Before suggesting any treatment, the psychiatrist tries to find the root cause of why your child is suffering from a mental health or behavioral issue. During the first session, they try to understand the situation your child has been going through.


They can then  initiate a treatment plan depending on your child’s current situation. Usually, they suggest individual therapy, medications, or counseling for a fast and efficient recovery. Sometimes, they may suggest family therapy as well if the problem has occurred due to poor family communication or issues that affect the family as a whole.


In some cases, prescribing medications like antidepressants or ADHD medications may be considered helpful for treating the patient. However, the psychiatrist may also suggest a combination of treatments.


How to find a Children’s psychiatrist near me?


The reason why we’ve described the duties of a children’s psychiatrist is that it helps with finding the best help for your child. Now, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow when searching for a children’s psychiatrist.


Consult your Primary Care Doctor


Health Care Specialists are part of different health care organizations. They can suggest the best children’s psychiatrist in town upon your request. They might even give you advice about whether it’s the right time to visit a children’s psychiatrist or not.


They’re aware of your family’s health so they may understand which kind of treatment could be best for your child. Therefore, it’s worth consulting your doctor if you’re looking for a children’s psychiatrist.


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (AACAP)


This is a great option you can use to find the most reputable children’s psychiatrists near you. You can use the psychiatrist finder feature on their website to find information about board certified psychiatrists that are providing service in your area. You can also find details of how long they’ve been working as a children’s psychiatrist. 


Google Search for Children’s Psychiatrist Near Me


Google is an incredible platform for those having trouble finding the best children’s psychiatrist in their state. Because you can find psychiatrists that see people online as well as in their office, you might find an online child psychiatrist who is licensed in your state to see your child from your phone or computer. 


They also display the reviews of people that have used the services of these psychiatrists before. You can take a look at these reviews to see what kind of things others had to say about them.




We know that parents are under a lot of stress when they’ve turned to the internet to search for a “children’s psychiatrist near me”. We’ve put in some effort to reduce the burden for you. If you still need help, we’re here to solve your problem. Get in touch with us and give us a chance to help find the best children’s psychiatrist for you.