Books for Kids with Anxiety

I am frequently asked by parents for book recommendations for their children struggling with anxiety. There are many great options out there, here are a few**:

  • What to Do when You Worry too Much. This is a children’s guide to dealing with their anxiety and is appropriate for younger children (4-12). It teaches them techniques they can use to reduce their worries and anxieties.

  • Wemberly Worried. This is a story of a young mouse with anxiety. Doesn’t teach techniques but is a relatable character for young kids with anxiety and fears.

  • Coping Skills Workbook for Kids. This is not specific to anxiety, but contains coping techniques for kids for stress, anger, and anxiety.

  • Scaredies Away. This one teaches a specific technique to reduce fear in kids. It works amazingly well for some kids, and not for others, but it’s worth a try!

  • The Anxiety Workbook for Kids. This is a workbook that parents can go through with their kids, it uses therapy-based activities and worksheets.

  • The Color Monster. This is a picture book that uses colors to describe different feelings and emotions. This one is good for younger kids (baby to 6 or 7).

  • But What If? This is a picture book about a girl who is very worried about change. Her grandparent helps her think through her worries.

  • The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. This book helps kids see that mistakes are ok! Helps kids reduce anxiety about making mistakes and taking chances.

  • The Invisible String. This is a great children’s book for dealing with separation anxiety and loss. It tells a lovely story about people are connected even when they are apart.

  • Breathe Like a Bear. This book teaches kids exercises, like breathing techniques, they can do manage stress and anxiety.

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