18 Games for Autistic Children

All of these games can help with different aspects or challenges that some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have. They are also just fun!

  1. I Never Forget a Face Memory Game. This game is great for memory and also for recognizing and recognizing faces.

2. Feelmo Speaking Cards. These are good for helping teach emotions and feelings, and learning to identify and express them.

3. What Would You Do At School If… This game helps teach problem solving skills, and thinking through situations that may be difficult.

4. What Would You Do At Home If… This is similar to #3 in that it is a card-based game to help work through various social situations, this time designed for situations at home.

5. Social Skills Board Games (6 Pack). This is a set of games that are designed to help with social skills. It is designed for elementary school aged children.

6. Social Skills Chipper Chat Magnetic Game. This one is a great value because it has 30 game boards in it. The games are designed to teach social skills in many different situations and setting.

7. What Do I Do Flash Cards Game. This card pack works on social skills but also emotional learning for kids 3 years old and up.

8. Feelings In a Flash. These cards contain scenarios and reaction faces showing different emotions. These are commonly used in classrooms and therapists offices but is great for home too.

9. Counting and Sorting Game. This is a great game for children who enjoy sorting and organizing by colors and numbers. Can be very soothing for some kids.

10. Yeti in my Spaghetti. This is a fun game for kids 4 and up that has both sensory skills and social skills teaching such as taking turns.

11. Kinetic Sand Bake Shoppe Kit. This is a great sensory game that also allows for some group play or make believe.

12. Teachable Touchables Texture Squares. This bag of squares is great for talking about sensations, textures, and colors.

13. How I’m Feeling. This card set helps kids identify and think about their feelings and emotions in various situations in daily life.

14. Mad Dragon. This game helps kids age 6 and up identify and learn to deal with anger and frustration.

15. What Did You Say? This is a great board game that helps with recognizing and understanding non-verbal language cues.

16. Key Education Photo Conversation Cards. These cards were designed for children with autism spectrum disorder to learn various social skills from photographs of children doing those skills.

17. Daily Routine Chart. This chart is created for children with ASD as well, it uses photographs of daily activities.

18. Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder. This is a book of games to help children with sensory issues.

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