10 Kids Books About Inclusion and Diversity

Books About Inclusion and Diversity

This week has, again, brought to light the ever-present importance to talking to our kids about diversity, equality and inclusion. Many of the parents of my child and teen patients have been asking me what books they can share with their children in this world filled with injustice, bullying, and prejudice.  What is most important is trying to surround yourselves with people from different walks of life, that might include people from outside your neighborhood, socioeconomic group, race, religion, and ethnicity but should also include people with disabilities and disadvantages as well as people who you may seen as more “well off” than you. Depending on where you live, that may not be easy, so surrounding them with movies and books that talk about people who are different is a great alternative.

Here are a few suggestions for Kids Books About Inclusion and Diversity to add to those practices mentioned above:

  1. El Deafo. This is a book about a deaf child who shares some of her experiences.
    kids book about diversity
  2. Separate is Never Equal. This book Kids Book About Inclusion and Diversity, talks about segregation.
    kids books about inclusion
  3. The Proudest Blue. This book talks about wearing a hijab and being proud of who you are.
    kids book about racism
  4. Just Ask! This is a book about how children can just ask when they see or meet someone who is different from them.
    kids books about inclusion and diversity
  5. All are Welcome. This is a book about diversity and inclusion.
    kids book about inclusivity
  6. Same, But Different. This is a book about two children who are pen pals across the world from each other (America and India).
    kids book about diversity
  7. This is How We Do it. This is a book that shows information about kids all over the world and how they live.
    kids book about differences and diversity
  8. Those Shoes. This book takes a look at economic hardship and examines what really matters.
    kids book about poverty
  9. I am Enough. A book about loving yourself and respecting others.
    kids book about diversity
  10. The Kids book of World Religions. This is a book that touches on many different world religions.
    kids book about religions


Dr. Sean Paul, MD is a child psychiatrist who practices in person and also online psychiatry.