Autism Testing

Autism Evaluation/Testing Information

We are often asked what does Autism testing (also called Autism Evaluation or Autism Diagnosis) entail. Here, we will provide some information about what is involved in a proper evaluation and determining an autism diagnosis.

Early Identification or Clinical Suspicion

Early intervention is extremely helpful. Often, a family member, friend, teacher, doctor, nurse, or other person will notice that something is “different” or not developing as expected for the child. This can be picked up on a screening test by a pediatrician, or behaviors such as social/interaction issues, communication issues, or a
restricted/repetitive pattern of behavior or interests may be noted.

Thorough Evaluation

Children, teens, or adults who may possibly have Autism Spectrum Disorder should be seen by a specialist physician (such as a child psychiatrist) for a thorough evaluation to rule out or establish a diagnosis.

Components of a thorough evaluation include:

1)A detailed history is collected from the family, teachers, etc.

2)Child psychiatrist assesses for symptoms of Autism (both the early infant/childhood and current symptoms)

3)Child psychiatrist assesses for associated conditions

4)Examination (putting together physical details such as head circumference, facial features)

5)Diagnostic Tools are performed (specialized questionnaires, measurement scales, and tests)

6)Recommendations for Other Testing as needed (vision, speech, imaging, blood)


All of these different things are assessed together to determine a diagnosis as well as a severity of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This diagnosis will then lead to several therapeutic and treatment options for Autism.

At NowPsych, we can provide these services via telemedicine. This means that the Autism Evaluation and testing can be done on your time from the comfort of your home via your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Dr. Sean Paul is a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist who started offering this service to make these evaluations easier and faster for families. Click Here to Schedule a free 15 minute screening call with Dr. Paul.

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