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Ketamine Therapy in Sarasota

Dr. Sean Paul, MD and his team are pleased to be able to offer Ketamine therapy to patients struggling with mood disorders such as depression or bipolar. After an initial evaluation, your series of ketamine therapy sessions will be scheduled in our office located at 1528 S. Tuttle Ave. in Sarasota (corner of Waldemere and Tuttle).  This offering will begin in December 2022. 

Who is a good candidate for ketamine therapy?

If you have been struggling with severe depression or bipolar and standard medications and therapy have not been much help, then you may be a good candidate for this new treatment. 

Please call our office or use the booking link at the top and bottom of this page to schedule an initial evaluation for this treatment option: 941-405-3020

Who is NOT a good candidate for ketamine therapy?

If you have any of the below, we would not recommend this therapy:

-High blood pressure

-Heart, kidney or liver disease

-Using other substances 

-Have dementia or other cognitive issues

-Pregnant or breastfeeding